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A father, mortgage adviser, property investor. I am passionate about property, building businesses and helping others succeed in their property journey. 

Growing up I was always involved in the family business of restaurants and was introduced into property by family at a young age. I am grateful for learning about property investing early in life as I know many people do not become investors until later in life and feel like they have missed out. Although I was able to start building my portfolio in my twenties, I was no expert and looking back, I did not understand fully how to best invest my money. Now, through years of experience, education and learning from others I feel confident and enthusiastic about building my portfolio. 

In 2017 I decided to leave the restaurant industry and become a self-employed mortgage adviser. This has continued my education of property and financial services and now I am able to help others build their portfolio by helping them secure the best finance available to them. This has helped me meet many investors at various levels and learn from them and also pass on valuable advice. 

I enjoy helping others on their property journey, this is the main reason why I produce content to help document my experiences and educate others on how to successfully start or grow your property portfolio. Through events, video content, blog posts and various other methods, I will continue to share information that is valuable to those with an interest in property.

Looking to the future, I will soon open my own financial services business and aim to continue to grow my portfolio alongside my new business. Its my hope that I can help many others on their journey, therefore I invite you to reach out and connect with me and find out how we can help each other.


Darren Kane

Great, clear and precise service and a joy to work with. I will look forward to using them in future when start a BTL portfolio.

Stan Hristakev

Extremely easy to work with. Strong expertise and professionalism throughout the whole mortgage process. Thank you!

Elaine Watson

Kessar kept me fully informed and looked into many options for funding my property purchase under an unusual set of employment circumstances. 




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